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Welcome to The TriAvalon Club (TriAvalon), the best triathlon club in the Province. TriAvalon is a Club designed to promote a social, inclusive, and fun environment for all levels of triathletes with similar interests. Whether you are brand new to the sport, or a seasoned triathlete, we are confident that our Club will provide you with the skills and knowledge you are looking for. Understanding that life is busy, our convenient virtual weekly workouts provide you the flexibility to train at your own pace. Training should be fun, hard, and flexible – not all-consuming. Designed by experienced triathletes and coaches, our weekly workouts consist of three-run workouts, two swim workouts, and two rides (group and/or workouts). TriAvalon prides itself on being very social, supportive, and inclusive to all members. We provide educational clinics, fun runs, contests, socials, and much more throughout the year. The TriAvalon committee continues to work hard to provide everyone with a supportive, fun-filled year with the ultimate goal of meeting new people, and helping you conquer your goals, and fears along the way. To join TriAvalon, or if you have any questions contact



Are you interested in becoming a triathlete? Lookno further than TriAvalon Triathlon Club! Our club offers training programs and events for all levels of triathletes, from beginners to advanced. Click here to join our club and start your journey to becoming a triathlete!

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